Range of machines

Because they integrate the BeAM technology, our machines provide a large range of industrial applications: direct 3D manufacturing, innovative repairs, adding of functions on a part, gradient and multi-material.

A unique know-how proven by major industrial actors

Result of more than 15 years of R&D development, BeAM’s range of machines allows the 3D additive manufacturing of sharp and complex metal parts in 3 and 5 continuous axes.

Using the BeAM CAD software and our dedicated range of nozzles, this ergonomic range of machines allows the direct manufacturing of complex parts in many different alloys, the adding of functions on existing parts and also repairs of critical parts that were impossible to repair up to now.

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Optimisée pour les petits et moyens volumes, la machine Mobile a été conçue pour la fabrication et la réparation de pièces complexes fines.

 tick.png Standard Machine Specifications:

Size of the machine: 1390 x 1270 x 2400mm

Build Volume : 400 X 250 X 200 mm

5 continuous axes (XYZ and AC) 

Power automation CNC

tick.png Standard Options:

Controlled atmosphere

Powder distributor up to 5 separated bowls

Renishaw MP 250 Probe

Download the Mobile brochure

Magic 2.0 (2016)


magic 2.0.png

The MAGIC 2.0 has been developed for the state-of-the-art industries which need specific working areas for direct 3D manufacturing to repair big metallic parts in 5 continuous axes.

The MAGIC 2.0 is an evolution of the MAGIC 1.0 developed in order to follow the industrial feedback of our partners:

•Improvement of the maintainability

•Improvement of the accessibility

•Better productivity

 tick.png Standard Machine Specifications:

5 continuous Axis Machine-Linear motors, glass scales

Build Volume (X,Y,Z) : 1200 X 800 X 800 mm 

Siemens 840D

IPG 2KW Fiber Laser

Macro 10Vx Deposition Head

Powder distributor with 1 bowl of 1.5L

tick.png Standard Options:

Controlled Atmosphere with Purification system

Macro Head 24Vx

Renishaw MP250 Probe

Milling Spindle



The new MODULO machine is a flexible and scalable solution which is ideal for R & D and industrial projects offering a high level of quality in 5 continuous axis LMD / DED.


tick.png Standard Machine Specifications :

5 Continuous Axis Machine

Build Volume (X, Y, Z) : 650 x 400 x 400

Siemens 840D Control

500 W Fiber Laser

10 Vx Deposition Head

Powder Distributor with 1 bowl of 1,5L

tick.png Standard Options : 

Controlled Atmosphere

Head 24 Vx

Renishaw Probe

BeAM's software

The trajectories of the layer deposition is entirely generated thanks to BeAM's software, a CAD software based on the DELCAM software suitable for industrial applications. 


Un logiciel dédié à la fabrication additive LMD

tick.png BeAM's software is not only able to design parts, but also to simulate nozzle trajectories, manufacturing time and the movements of the machine to anticipate potential collisions and optimize the programs.

tick.png It is also able to handle different materials for different strategies of layer deposition:

tick.png Thanks to the compatibility of the software with standard numeric models (STEP, IGES…), or also native ones (ProE, CATIA…), the operator selects precisely the manufacturing strategies that are the most adapted for any application.

Real industrial software, it is dedicated to the LMD technology and is the most powerful DED additive manufacturing of the market.

Solution-oriented support

A unique offer to provide you new manufacturing & repairing strategies 

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Feasibility studies, engineering, pilot-production, Machine for sale

tick.png Feasibility study:

The BeAM Team strives to achieve a full feasibility study enabling customers to accurately assess the consistency between their needs and what the BeAM machines can provide.

tick.png Engineering:

Having completed all discussions relating to the feasibility study, a first pre-series is set up  to adapt BeAM’s machines to specific needs of its customers and qualify the process.

tick.png Pilot production:

Before investing in their own machines, our customers can produce their parts on our platform. Through this pilot production, customers can start the exploration of their market-based innovation developed during the feasibility studies and engineering.

tick.png Sales of machines:

The ability of BeAM to develop special machines optimizes the process:

- Adding options to our range of machines
- Developing a special machine

Once a sufficient volume of sales has been reached, manufacturers can buy a machine on which the return on investment is feasible.

tick.png Learning curve

This process allows you to train your own team at your own pace. We are able to provide training courses that will transfer the know-how to all of your team ( upto PhD level thanks to our partnership with IREPA LASER) if our customer wants to integrate the  know-how of process development in-house.