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Our technology and our ambitions allow BeAM to recruit women and men with confirmed or high potential talent. The team consists of enthusiasts who work every day to the success of this unique project.

Each member of our team is a stakeholder in the success of the adventure we are living together on a daily basis. We are all aware of the challenges ahead, and it is customary to say that the team is carrying the project, in our case it is the project that pushes the team towards excellence.

Our needs of new talents is rapidly increasing with the pace of our growth. If you also want to be part of this entrepreneurial adventure, check our careers section.


BeAM Board of directors

Emeric d’Arcimoles


Emeric d’Arcimoles is the Commissioner-general of the SIAE/PAS (Paris Air Show) since 2011. He is the advisor of Safran’s president and International Relations’ director for the Southwest since June 2011.

From 1974 to 1990, he works for SNECMA at different executive positions, then became director of the Hispano-Suiza factory in Bois-Colombes, and director of the aeronautic equipment department.

In 1997, he became general director of Techspace Aero, and then in March 2001, President-CEO of Turbomeca, a Subsudiary of Safran Group.

In April 2008, he was named assistant general director of the Safran’s International Development.

Emeric d’Arcimoles was also President of the RRTM company: the Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca joint company.


Vincent Gillet

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Gillet spent most of his career in the ArcelorMittal Group in Europe and the US, starting out as VP of Business Development at the upstream arm of the company in 2001. He was subsequently appointed Deputy CEO of Arcelor International in 2004 where he acquired extensive expertise in managing Arcelor’s export sales network.

In 2006, he was made CEO of the Processing business unit (ArcelorMittal TOP), overseeing the manufacture of metal components for the group’s major industrial clients at its plants in Europe, India, China and Egypt. In 2011, Vincent headed ArcelorMittal’s Construction Projects business line, and in 2015 was made General Manager, Business Development at ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions, where he divested non-core assets and created joint ventures such as SteelCAMe and AcierPlus.


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Jean-Paul Gaufillet

CEO of IREPA LASER / Co-founder of BeAM

As director of IREPA LASER®, Jean-Paul Gaufillet coordinates the partnership between both structures. An entrepreneur at heart, he has led many business projects, both private (business management), and through IREPA LASER®, including BeAM®", the last spinoff creating by IREPA LASER®.

Jean-Paul is initiator of LMD technology development and of BeAM® - the spin-off project. He is responsible for developping the partnership between the two compagny and ensuring that the collaboration runs smoothly.

Furthermore, Jean-Paul is involved in several committees which aim to further the collaboration between companies and researchers, or more specifically to contribute to develop the France’s role in the additive manufacturing industry.



JP Gaufillet

Alain Diard

 President of IREPA LASER / Co-founder of BeAM

Alain previously worked as the Director for Quantel, the French leader in lasers.
He also set up and developed the launch of Quantel in the United States.
Today, Alain is the president of IREPA LASER and the company Rhénaphotonics.
He bestows on us his experience in company development and management.
He also protects the interests of IREPA LASER and BeAM, so that this partnership, the key element of success of this business venture, becomes a model example of collaboration between a transfer centre and a private structure.

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Maurice Berenger

Protip Medical, -CEO

Maurice Berenger graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure  Cachan and from INSEAD

Maurice is an experienced international entrepreneur with a strong focus on the medical device field. During the last 15 years Maurice has created and managed multiple start-ups in the IT and Medtech sector. Prior to this he worked for 10 years at Guidant (cardiology) where he held various European positions in sales and marketing and was ultimately European director of New Technologies.

Maurice is also board member of two other start-ups: Endotools Therapeutics and Defymed

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BeAM Strategic committee

Philippe Varin

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AREVA

Philippe Varin, 63 years old, is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Mines de Paris.
He began his career in 1978 as a researcher for the Pechiney Group and later held various executive positions within the Group (Financial control, Strategy, Project management). He was appointed Director of the Rhenalu Division in 1995, then Managing Director of the Aluminium Sector and member of the Group’s Executive Board in 1999.

In 2003, he joined the Anglo-Dutch steel group Corus as Chief Executive Officer.
He was appointed Chairman of the Managing Board of PSA Peugeot Citroën in June 2009. He left the Group in June 2014.
He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of AREVA.

Philippe Varin currently holds the following other positions:
- Member of the Board of Directors of EDF,
- Member of the Board of Directors of Saint-Gobain,
- Chairman of Le Cercle de l’Industrie,
- Special Representative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development for ASEAN countries.

Philippe Varin is Officer of the French Legion of Honour. He is also Chevalier of the National Order of Merit and Commander of the British Empire.


Hervé Guillou


In 2003, he joined EADS as CEO of EADS Launch Vehicles, then became CEO of EADS Space Transportation, Business Unit in charge of the implantation of the Ariane launcher, of the M51 ballistic missiles and the orbital infrastructures (international space station, ATV).

In 2005, he joined the EADS Defence & Security department (now called Cassidian) as the business unit Defence and Communications Systems’ CEO (now Cassidian Systems). Cassidian Systems became a global actor implanted in 6 countries (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain and the United States of America), and international leader in domains such as border security, maritime security and big commanding systems.

In 2011, Hervé Guillou created Cassidian Cyber Security, a new entity of Cassidian, and became its CEO.

Since 2012, he is EADS’s Senior Advisor for Defence and Security.

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Didier Boisselier

AM development Manager of IREPA LASER / Co-founder of BeAM

As the head of additive manufacturing development at IREPA LASER, Mr. Boisselier develops the technology. He brings to the table an expert vision of the technology and the competition's technological advances.

Didier developed the LMD technology and what’s more, developed the first BeAM machinery. He founded the strategic partnerships, and notably, the outsourcing of certain skills. As a result BeAM was operational from the outset of its launch.

Didier is a known expert in the world of additive manufacturing and has built a network of international experts in these technologies. He is involved in several projects (national and European) which will develop and industrialise the CLAD® process.

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Bernard Claude 

Europe Investment group / Europe Internet, -President

Bernard Claude graduated from Science-Po Strasbourg and became a certified administrator of the Science-Po Paris’ Representative. He lives now in Strasbourg and Fouesnant. He worked 10 years at Hewlett-Packard where he monitored management programs in the US and Europe. He worked in different management, finance, administrative, selling and marketing positions for Banks and warranties markets in France.

He joined the executive committee of BT Europe in 1996, led many international projects and became President of several Companies in Europe and President of BT France until 2003 when he left the BT group. Bernard Claude is the CEO of 2 companies: Europe Investment Group and Europe Internet.

A Member of the Cercle de l’Ill, of APM and of Rotary International, he also is associate member of the CCI of Strasbourg and of the Medef. Bernard Claude is also regional assistant for the IFA (Institut Français des Administrateurs).



Frédéric Sanchez

Chairman of Fives Executive Board

Frédéric Sanchez graduated from HEC Paris and from Paris-Dauphine University. For twelve years he was the President of Fives management board. Fives is a French group, and is one of the international leaders of machine-tools manufacturing after having bought MAG Americas, a spin-off of the German MAG group, and of two other American industrial giants: Giddings & Lewis and Cincinnati.

In 2013, Frédéric Sanchez was nominated Project director of the “Usine du Futur” ("Factory of the future”) in the “Nouvelle France industrielle” program.

He is also a member of the monitoring committee and reflexion about the transatlantic partnership between the European Union and the United States of America.