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BeAM is a French company manufacturing industrial metal 3D printers/additive manufacturing machines using the LMD technology (Laser Metal Deposition).

BeAM's machines allow a layer-by-layer metal deposition in order to manufacture and repair parts, but also add functions and shapes on already existing parts directly from a CAD file.

Thanks to the feedback from its industrial partners, BeAM has developed innovative repairs of critical parts, but also qualified aeronautical repairs at the world’s highest level of additive manufacturing qualification.

BeAM is working everyday on the development of new industrial applications for aeronautic, aerospace, defence, nuclear and Oil & Gas sectors thanks to its ecosystem of partners. The machines that meet these new requirements are designed and manufactured through an ecosystem of partners.

Our solution-oriented support allows the minimization of both technological and financial risks for our customers, and the maximization of competitive advantage and innovation’s potential.

 Machine MAGIC BeAM

A unique process

The BeAM technology (laser metal deposition) allows direct manufacturing of metal parts directly from CAD files.

Metal powders are melted through a dedicated nozzle by a LASER beam. Successive deposition of layers makes possible direct manufacturing of the part with perfect control of its dimensions and its material quality.

The innovation does not only reside in technological process, but also on BeAM’s solution-oriented strategy which provides a unique support for the development of new innovative industrial / R&D applications

Innovate. Everyday.

With our BeAM machines, the industrialization of the process provides a wide panel of innovative applications:

tick.png New possibilities of direct additive manufacturing

tick.png Repair of metal parts that were impossible up to now

tick.png  Adding of functions and complex shapes on a part

tick.png No dimensional limits for the technology 

tick.png High metallurgical quality (at least equal to the foundry’s metallurgical quality)

tick.png Control of material deposition (monolithic, multi-material, gradient)

tick.png An eco-innovative alternative to traditional manufacturing processes (fewer tools needed, manufacturing from CAD file to existing part, reduction of material wastes)

chambre de combustion hd.png     

Sustainable development: BeAM’s DNA

Sustainable development is central to the daily operation of BeAM team, the development of our machines, and development of our processes.

It is oriented around three approaches:

1. Social and Corporate Approach

 Continuous training of our teams

 Management through accountability

 Transparency and respect of commitments

 Development of a network of subcontractors through a stakeholder approach

 Participation in the relocation of French industrial know-how

2. Environmental Approach

 Reducing the environmental impact of our processes

 Development of new cleaner and more energy efficient industrial processes

 Supply Chain Optimization

3. Economic Approach

 Win-Win partnerships with our research partners and customers

 Developing a solution approach that allows our customers and partners to implement innovation quickly